Organic Bread Flours

All of our bread flours are milled from hard red spring wheat grown in the northern plains, usually western North Dakota. We strive to purchase wheat that contains 14 percent protein and strong gluten content.

Organic Bread Flour Whole Wheat

Available in 5 lb,  25 lb & 50lb bags 

This is a finely ground flour. The finer bran particles do not cut the gluten strands and therefore the loaf will have good volume, even if no white flour is used. It works well in bread machines that have a whole grain cycle.

Organic Bread Flour Unbleached Wheat

Available in 25 lb bags

Great River’s own “light whole wheat” flour. This flour contains the germ but 80 percent of the bran has been removed. It bakes into lighter bread than the 100 percent whole wheat flour and is therefore acceptable to those used to white bread but wanting to eat more whole grain breads. It also works well in bread machines on whole grain cycles. People who bake artisan hearth breads or European style breads will appreciate this flour.

Graham Flour

Available in 25 lb  bags 

Named after Sylvester Graham, a proponent of the the importance of bran in flour, this whole-wheat flour retains a coarse texture of the bran but the base of the flour is fine. Though considered a bread flour, if mixed lightly and quickly, it will make tasty muffins and griddlecakes.

Lily White Bread Flour

Available in 25lb & 50lb  bags

Wheat flour milled from carefully selected stocks of thoroughly cleaned and tempered premium grade certified organic hard wheat’s. The bran and germ are removed leaving a lily white colored flour, ideal for your baking needs.