Organic Flour Blends

These blends provide convenience for bread machine owners who want to add a variety of grains to their breads. They are not mixes. Bakers add oil, sugars, salt and yeast to suit their own machine and dietary preferences. While our blends have been formulated for good taste and performance in bread machines capable of handling whole grain flour, any baker making bread from scratch can use these flour blends.

Suggested recipes are given on each bag, but the order of ingredient placement for your machine should be followed.

Organic Bread Flour Blend 7-Grain

Available in 5 lb bags

A basic wheat flour base with coarse ground wheat, brown rice, corn, oats, barley and millet. It bakes into a denser loaf with wonderful texture and flavor.

 Organic Bread Flour Blend Rye

Available in 5 lb bags

A blend of wheat and rye flours, with just enough rye to add the rich rye flavor.

Organic Bread Flour Blend Sunflower Millet

Available in 5 lb bags

A blend of organic stone-ground grains and seeds: wheat, corn, hulled millet, sunflower seeds and flaxseeds. Great for bread machines. Great River Organic Milling uses natural granite stones for milling, as they believe it enhances the quality, taste and nutritional integrity of whole grain flour.

Organic Bread Flour Blend Oatmeal

Available in 5 lb bags

Coarse whole wheat flour is blended with thick rolled oats. The oats add their distinctive flavor and textures. Can be used to make cookies, muffins or sweet breads.