Organic Specialty Flours

Organic Whole Wheat Pastry Flour

Available in 5 lb & 25 lb bags

Our pastry flour is made from stone ground organic soft white winter wheat. A nutritious flavorful flour for all quick-bread baking (pie crusts, cookies, muffins, biscuits). Great River Organic Milling uses old fashioned stone wheels to grind their grains. This process involve less heat and nothing is removed from the grain, maintaining all the nutritional components of the grain go back into the bag.

Multi-grain Flour

Available in 25 lb & 50 lb bags

A seven-grain flour stone ground of wheat, brown rice, corn, rye, oats, barley and millet. We are proud of our recipe that is truly MULTI-grain and not just a combination of various forms of wheat. The wide variety of grains makes it a flavorful flour that suitable for any quick bread baking application. The proportion of wheat is not sufficient to be yeast bread flour, but it can be added to wheat flour in yeast breads for added flavor and nutrition.


Oat Flour

Available in 50 lb bags

Whole oats are usually steamed to facilitate the flaking process. This steaming also deactivates enzymes, which can make the flour bitter in a short time. Oat flour is another low-gluten flour that is a good substitute for wheat flour in quick bread recipes.


Wheat Bran

Available in 40 lb bags

Also called “millers bran” this is the outer layer of the wheat kernel. Its high fiber content allows consumers to add fiber to other foods. It can be used in baked goods or added to hot cereals, soups or stews.

Spelt Flour

Available in 25 lb bags

Spelt is technically a variety of wheat that fell out of flavor because it has a hull, which must be mechanically removed, and its yield is lower than newer varieties of wheat. Many people who are intolerant of wheat gluten can tolerate spelt gluten. Its gluten is felt to be more easily digested as it is water-soluble.

Rye Flour

Available in 25 lb bags

Rye is a stronger flavored grain than barley or oats, and has been used in breads for centuries. Great River rye flour is whole grain, and stone-ground. It is low in gluten so must be combined with wheat to make a loaf of bread. A tasty but dense loaf can be made with 100 percent rye flour for people who are sensitive to wheat.

Buckwheat Flour

Available in 25 lb bags

Whole, unhulled buckwheat is milled on hammer mills to avoid the introduction of the black buckwheat hulls into the stone mill system. Only a small amount of the hull is sifted from the flour, so that it retains the traditional speckled color of buckwheat flour.

Brown Rice Flour

Available in 25 lb bags

Brown rice contains the bran layer of the rice and contains more fiber and nutrients than white rice. This flour, also milled on the stone. While rice by nature is gluten free we do mill this product in the same facility as we mill wheat.  We take every precaution to avoid cross contamination but we do not certify this as gluten free.

Barley Flour

Available in 50 lb bags

Stone ground from whole, hulled barley, many wheat sensitive people tolerate low-gluten barley flour quite well. Like brown rice, hulled barley is not stripped of its bran layer and so it is higher in fiber than pearled barley. It can be substituted for wheat flour in quick bread recipes.

Millet Flour

Available in 25 lb bags

Not widely used as a grain in the U.S. it is a staple in many parts of the world. It is a more complete protein than any of the other grains and is easily digested. As a flour it can be added to any baked good for nutritional enhancement. The national bread of Ethiopia, a flatbread, is made from millet flour.

Corn Flour

Available in 25 lb & 50 lb Bags

Stone-ground to a finer texture than our corn meal, this flour is milled with the same high-lysine corn. Use in baked goods where the good flavor of corn is desired without the coarse texture.

Corn Meal

Available in 5 lb, 25 lb & 50 lb bags

This whole grain meal is milled from the high-lysine corn. Lysine is an essential amino acid which gives the meal a protein boost as well as more flavor. In addition, the germ and bran remain in the meal adding flavor as well as nutrients.