Good Food Starts from the Ground Up

Our Dilemma

By 2030, conventional rice cultivation will be responsible for 23% of agriculture’s contribution to Global Warming.

By supporting Climate-Friendly Certified Rice™ you can reverse these effects by:

And our rice product also reduces absorption of heavy metals (such as inorganic arsenic inherent with standard rice cultivation) by at least 33%.

What is Climate-Friendly Certified Rice?

Traditional rice cultivation involves flooding rice fields during the growing cycle. Excessive use of water provides high yields for farmers but also creates a number of environmental challenges. If we can figure out a way to reduce excess water we can become more climate-friendly without compromising the food that we eat and the environment that we live in. That’s what our Climate-Friendly Certified Rice™ is all about.

Our parent company Columbia Grain International has joined forces with agricultural technology company AgriCapture who, with the support and subsidy from the USDA, has developed a process that better manages water flow and planting patterns. This in turn enables large-scale cultivation while greatly reducing negative environmental effect. Truly the beginning of what we hope to be a beneficial evolution for domestic rice farming.

And to better walk-the-walk, the AgriCapture process also includes the ability to measure environmental factors like water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, etc, and can certify the savings levels per USDA expectations. At this stage our process is the only one able to validate  to this extent.

Enrich Foods, the CPG marketing and distribution arm of Columbia Grain International, is the exclusive partner to bring these sustainable products to market in 2024.

Why does this matter?

Rice is the world’s largest consumption grain. And by far the greatest challenge to the environment and to soil sustainability for farmers. We aspire to help create the blueprint to support our farmer partners to make sustainability the norm rather than the exception. We will all benefit in the long run.

Our Products

In a range of package sizes from 2 pounds to 20 pounds

Our Great River Milling Long Grain “Climate Friendly” White Rice was just named a NEXTY Award Finalist! That’s the ‘gold standard’ in the natural foods industry and recognizes “the most innovative, inspiring and trustworthy products.”

When US farmers, sustainable agriculture leaders and USDA join together,  everyone—especially the planet—wins.

Where can I buy Climate-Friendly Certified Rice™?

All of our packages are available to purchase on Amazon.

And very soon will be available on store shelves across the country. Please follow our site to learn more.

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